Visual identity for Sudarshan, the largest pigment producer in India and prominent in the pigments market for over 60 years supplying to paints, plastics, inks, construction, textile and cosmetics manufacturers worldwide.

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Sudarshan Logo

A customised sans-serif typeface was chosen for the Sudarshan logotype as it is both clean and approachable.

Strong angular letterforms combined with soft curves give the mark a stable and friendly face.

The Sudarshan logotype symbolises change, continual improvement and attention to detail while capturing Sudarshan's pioneering qualities and 'leading the way'.

Sudarshan logo design

Sudarshan Company Typeface

Bosis, a humanistic sans-serif typeface designed by Swedish designer, Bo Berndal was selected for it's clean, technical look and legibility.

Sudarshan company typeface bosis

Sudarshan Company Colours

Sudarshan's logotype and company colours are red and grey.

Red was selected for it's visibility, vibrant leadership and energetic qualities and neutral grey creates contrast and space forming a stable base tone for use in Sudarshan's literature.

Sudarshan company colours red and grey

Sudarshan Company image

The red gerbera was selected for it's purity and optimism and has varieties available in a wide range of colours.

Sudarshan company image red gerber daisy

Sudarshan Visual Identity Guidelines

Sudarshan’s visual identity guidelines provide standards for use by staff and service providers by ensuring correct usage and consistent appearance.

The guidelines intend to make as clear and comprehensive as possible, the effective and correct application of Sudarshan’s visual identity.

Sudarshan visual identity guidelines front cover Sudarshan visual identity guidelines inner pages

Sudarshan Company Stationery

Company stationery was designed for Sudarshan's divisions in Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, India.

Artwork was also created for Sudarshan Europe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands including letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and printed envelopes.

Sudarshan business card stack Sudarshan company stationery

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Get in touch. Work with us on your next project or just say hello.

Get in touch. Work with us on your next project or just say hello.

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